Nelson Thermal Insulation & Firestopping is described as a company of “committed team players, dedicated industry professionals with strong technical backgrounds.”

Our proven track record of on-time project delivery is a result of strategic thinking, detailed planning, careful resource utilization and effective supply chain management. But it’s driven by our mission to meet your needs.

Core Firestopping Services

Most firestopping projects involve the application of firestop materials around through-penetrations, joint systems and/or perimeter barriers.  All three applications prevent fire and smoke from advancing through the linear openings in fire-resistive assemblies that were altered by the installation of electrical, plumbing or mechanical items.

For increased protection and safety, Nelson provides additional products designed to increase fire protection and improve the performance of thermal insulation.  Nelson uses only approved firestop materials. We are trained to install products from all firestop manufacturers.

The following systems also restore the hourly fire rating of the floor and wall assemblies where
they’re installed.

Through Penetration Firestopping Systems

Through Penetration seals around the openings in wall or floor assemblies through which something mechanical, electrical or structural must pass.

Building Joint Firestopping Systems

Building Joint Firestopping Systems prevent the spread of fire through openings between or within fire-resistive floor and wall assemblies.

Perimeter Barriers/Slab Edge Fire-Safing

Perimeter or Slab Edge joint systems are installed between the building “skin” and the floor slab, and specifically prevent the spread of fire vertically.

Core Thermal Insulation Services

Besides moisture protection, energy conservation, and money savings, Thermal Insulation adds to the thermal and sound comfort of building occupants.  Nelson offers expert installation of the following thermal insulation services.

Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall systems improve the thermal efficiency of the curtain wall by accommodating building movement.

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation expands when sprayed into building spaces to save energy and protect against moisture.

Building Envelope Insulation

Installing fiberglass or mineral wool insulation systems with a vapor barrier in the floors, walls, and ceilings conserves energy and saves money.

Acoustical Insulation

Acoustical Insulation provides sound attenuation in building partitions and ceilings.

Custom services

In situations where something other than tested firestopping or fire-safing is required, Equivalent Fire-Resistance-Rated Assemblies (EFRRA), commonly called engineering judgments, can be used to facilitate a custom solution. They are appropriate only when a tested system doesn’t exist for the project, and are approved by the Authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Engineering judgments can only come from the manufacturer, third party labs, a fire protection engineer, or a professional engineer. Nelson Firestopping will work with you to help procure engineering judgments, and install a system according to the design specified.

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